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Mastering 16bit – 44.1kHz for STREAMING or CD


Mastering for STREAMING or CD or any other digital format 16bits.

€90 excl. VAT by track.

Mastering HD 24bit and ADM (Apple Digital Master)

We can deliver HD 24 bits format in the native resolution of your mixes (from 44.1Khz à 192Khz).

RANGEARD Mickael is also Apple certified to deliver ADM files (Apple Digital Master).


€25 excl. VAT by track to get the 24 bits file plus the ADM.

DDP for CD manufacturing

After the mastering of yor EP or LP, we do the sequencing of the album, the track listing with fades and the ISRC encoding with the CD-TEXT.

The DDP is necessary for the manufacturing of your CD.

DDP single €80 excl. VAT

DDP EP (6 tracks) €120 excl. VAT

DDP Album (12 tracks) €160 excl. VAT

Mastering for VINYL

We can deliver you masters adapted to the constraints related to this support. (without lacquer).

For an optimal result we can also propose you an engraving on lacquer with a collaborator.


€35 excl. VAT by track.

€200 excl. VAT for an EP of 2 sides.

€300€ excl. VAT for an LP of 2 sides.

€80 excl. VAT by additional side.


With lacquer: please contact us.

Mastering on analog tape

We can offer you to run your mix through our STUDER A812 tape deck in order to benefit from the incomparable color of the tape.


€35 excl. VAT by track.

Mastering by STEMS

Stem mastering offers you the possibility to optimize and improve your mix, using your subgroups such as: Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Choirs, FX, etc.
We can deepen the treatments and corrections of each group then inserted in our mastering chain.


Please contact us.


You can work with us remotely thanks to our E-Mastering service.

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