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Mastering engineer Mickaël Rangeard joined famous Parisian studio Question De Son in 2015 and together they gave birth to QDS Mastering, which led him to work for the likes of Iggy Pop, Last Train, General Electriks, -M-, Jean-Louis Aubert, Calogero, Julien Clerc, Zaz, Imany, Cock Robin, Hindi Zarah, Anthony Joseph, Mashrouleila, to name a few…

Having a true passion for rare and qualitative gear, Mika uses a fancy rig with compressors and EQs such as EAR660, Vacuvox U23m, GML 9500, Buzz Audio REQ2, Maselec MEA2...all tied up with a Maselec MTC-1X console, a Lavry Gold A/D converter, and a pair of ATC 150 reference monitors.

Mickaël Rangeard will be happy to help you with the finesse touch on your projects for any destination format, be it streaming, vinyl or CD.

Selected Discography

Iggy Pop, Last Train, General Electriks, -M-, Zaz,

Jean-Louis Aubert, Les Wampas, Dionysos, Calogero, Imany, Cock Robin, Hindi Zarah,  Anthony Joseph, Mashrouleila...

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